10/1から10/31までの1ヶ月間、2012年から継続している振付作品「どこかで生まれて、どこかで暮らす。」(2020.3.15 別府ブルーバード劇場3F) 記録映像を公開します。今年の3/1-3/15 大分県別府市にて自主滞在制作を企画し(助成:公益財団法人セゾン文化財団) 伺った際の成果発表公演最終日の記録映像となります。



件名: どこうま
本文: お名前、職業、年齢(年齢は書きたくない方は明記不要)
上記の①②の質問の答え を(注: 質問の「場所」は、抽象的な場所や実際の場所等、人によって様々)


創作ブログ こちら

【Limited time video release / invitation to participate in creation】

The choreography work (2012-) “born somewhere, live somewhere.” (2020.3.15 Beppu Bluebird Theater 3F) will be Limited time video release for a month from October 1st to October 31st. This is a recorded video of the final day of the performance when we planned and visited an independent residence production in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture on March 1 -15 of this year(Supported by Saison Foundation) .

Immediately after returning from Beppu, the period of self-restraint began, and now I have a strong desire to spend time together through live dance, with confusion about having to move meetings and various things online. But I continue to spend time exploring how to interact with online in my own way. I haven’t published the full video of “born somewhere, live somewhere” for eight years. With almost no change in choreography or composition since 2012 (while adding elements and scenes for each land visited), along with 5 dancers and 1 artist who participated, Kobe, Aomori, Yokohama, Tokyo, Kinosaki, Hong Kong, Toyohashi and Beppu, we have grown our work by moving to there, interacting with the land and the people we met, and having time to continue to feel our bodies and thoughts. The performance in Beppu was a time that we hoped many people to see, but it was difficult situation under the influence of coronavirus infection. Therefore, I decided to open it to those who would like to see it now. And I invite you to our creation.

“born somewhere, live somewhere” always begins by asking the dancers the following two questions.
① “Where is the place you want to return?”
② “What kind of place are you in now?”

For those who “want to see” the video

Email Subject: video
Email Body: Name, occupation, age (If you do not want to write the age, you do not need to specify it)
Answers to the above questions ① and ② (Note: The “place” of the question varies from person to person, such as an abstract place or an actual place)

Please send to

Reina Kimura will send you an email to send you a video link directly.I think that such seemingly troublesome online exchanges will lead to my creations and become one of the places to gather. If you are willing to participate in the creation by the above method and would like to see the video, please email me.
I look forward to meet you.