木村玲奈   Reina Kimura

東京を拠点に活動中。4歳よりバレエ・モダンダンスを始め、ダンサーとして活動。2008年から10年間 Sioned Huws (UK) の「Aomori Project」日本公演、海外ツアー等にダンサー、共同振付として参加。2015年より「Odori-Dawns-Dance」参加。2012年、国内ダンス留学@神戸(振付家コース) 1期に奨学生として参加し、振付家として活動を始める。環境や言葉においての身体の変化や状態、人の在り方に興味をもち、城崎国際アートセンター2014年度下半期レジデンス、 Art Camp Tango 2016-17、タスマニア・シドニーでの滞在制作 2017、穂の国とよはし芸術劇場PLAT ダンスレジデンス2018 に参加するなど、国内外様々な土地で創作を試みている。横浜ダンスコレクションEX2014 作品部門Ⅰ, トヨタコレオグラフィーアワード2014ファイナリスト。東アジア・ダンスプラットフォーム 1st HOT POT プログラム (香港) 2017 招聘。2019-20年度 セゾン文化財団セゾン・フェローⅠ。ダンス作戦会議メンバー。2020年より東京郊外に「糸口(いとぐち)」という小さな場を構え、ダンスと人・土地の関わり方、移動を読み直しながら、ダンスを後世に残していくことを試みている。


Based in Japan, Reina was born in Aomori, is now a Tokyo based dancer and choreographer. She began studying ballet and modern dance at the age of four and is professionally active as a dancer. she has participated over an extended period in Sioned Huws (UK) ‘Aomori Project’ from 2008, performing in Japan, Europe, Singapore and Australia as dancer and co-choreographer. Since 2015 she has participated in ‘Odori-Dawns-Dance’. She also took part as a scholarship student in the choreographer course ‘ KOKUNAI DANCE RYUGAKU’ in Kobe 2012, organized by the Agency for Cultural Affairs and Dance Box, a nonprofit organization. Her interest is change of the body by environment or language (dialect) and the state of people’s existence. She tries a research and work in various places now. Her work ‘born somewhere, live somewhere.’ was chosen as the final review of the Yokohama Dance Collection 2014EX and Toyota Choreography Award 2014. And that was invited to 1st HOT POT East Asia Dance Platform at Hong Kong 2017. She participated artist in residence program at Kinosaki International Art Center in 2014, ART CAMP TANGO 2016-17, Tasmania (Tasdance) and Sydney (Critical Path) 2017, Toyohashi Arts Theatre PLAT Dance Residence 2018. She is a Saison foundation Saison fellowⅠartist from 2019 to 2020. Dance strategy meeting member.
In 2020, Reina set up a small creative base “itoguchi” , meaning is a clue to dance and various things in the suburbs of Tokyo. While re-reading the relationship between dance and people / land, and movement (trip) , She is trying to leave dance to posterity.

Exploring dance, creative process, and living day by day.