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「放課後ダイバーシティダンス / After-school Diversity Dance、略称ADD」(2019 – 2021)

国立市リサーチャーとして参加し、派遣舞踊家:砂連尾理と協働 / リサーチ・WS 実施 

主催:東京都、公益財団法人東京都歴史文化財団 アーツカウンシル東京
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Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL “After-school Diversity Dance” (2019 – )

Participated as a researcher of Kunitachi-city and work with Choreographer, Dancer Osamu Jareo. Started research on Kunitachi City in April 2019 and conducted WS for children from September.

Organaized by Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Arts Council Tokyo
(Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Project Management by After-school Diversity Dance Executive Committee

We had been preparing for the performance this summer, but considering the current situation of new coronavirus infections, we have decided to postpone the implementation period. Regarding the post-delay schedule, etc., we will make a judgment while keeping an eye on the future situation, and will inform you again.