As a Choreographer





2018 旧ずぶ邸(淡路駅/大阪) 注文の多い小劇場 vol.1 
ディレクター:中西ちさと・小屋主 やかましみさき 
振付・出演 木村玲奈 

Photo by Susumu Nagai / Kyu Zubu Tei Osaka 2018

『アラームが鳴るまでは 』2018 excerpt / 2022 itoguchi

“Until the alarm sounds”(2018)

The fourteenth work that I choreographed.

 The performance place is at an old private house in Osaka called the former Zubu House. There are many dolls made by Misaki Yakamashi, a landlord and one of the organizers. Each doll has a story with a name and an accompanying story, and Kimura who became interested in it created a solo work that danced with 22 dolls. 

2018 Kyu Zubu Tei (Osaka) Zubu and Jibu presents The Small Theater of Many Orders vol.1
Organized by Chisato Nakanishi, Misaki Yakamashi 
Choreographed and danced by Reina Kimura
Duration 30 min