As a Choreographer



2018年の春から夏にかけて劇作家 岸井大輔さんとアーティスト 佐藤朋子さんと共に北千住をリサーチして生まれた「うたいたくなくて死んだお姫様のはなし」という戯曲を元にダンス作品を創作。戯曲を読み込むうちに、戯曲の中にある構造 (システムみたいなもの) に興味を持った。今回の戯曲に関係が深い足立姫伝説もひとつの構造 (システム) のように感じ、足立側や豊島側、年代によって伝わる伝説が異なる上に、足立姫伝説という構造を使ってその時その都度誰かが何かしらの目的や希望、野望を叶えようとしていたように感じた。私もこの構造 (システム)を使用し、ダンスを残すという野望を叶えた。

2019 北千住 BUoY (東京) / PLAYS and WORKS の新春企画「あそびつくりごと1 」
戯曲 :岸井大輔 (共同リサーチ 佐藤朋子 木村玲奈)

matinee Photo by bozzo / 北千住 BUoY 東京 2019

“A story of a dead princess who did not want to sing” (2019)

The fifteenth work that I choreographed. 

Created based on the play “A story of a dead princess who did not want to sing” that was born from the spring and summer of 2018, researching Kitasenju with playwright Daisuke Kishii and artist Tomoko Sato. As I read the play, I became interested in the structure (something like a system) in the play. The legend of Adachi Hime, which is closely related to this play, also feels like a structure (system), the legends that are transmitted according to the Adachi side, the Toshima side, and the age are different. I felt that I was trying to fulfill some purpose, hope, and ambition. I also used this structure (system) to fulfill my ambition to leave dance. 

2019 BUoY, (Tokyo, Japan) Written by Daisuke Kishii
Choreographed by Reina Kimura 
Danced by Kiyosuyonesuku, Reina Kimura
Duration 80 min